Do you want to learn how to attract high quality men who will commit to you forever?

Are you nodding "yes" to any of the following?:

Do you often find that men are distancing themselves from you and things are not like they were in the beginning?
Do you wish that you knew how to stop attracting users, abusers, and losers and attract quality commitment minded men?
Do you wish there was a magic spell that you could cast so that you could get him (or any man) to want you and only you?
Do you feel that you have blockages that are keeping you from attracting "the one."
Are you ready to energetically up-level — allowing for complete mindset transformation so that you can attract your soulmate?

Are you ready to work with a coach who has been where you are and where you want to be and help you to get the commitment you want effortlessly?'s your season.

Listen, I know what it’s like. I was heartbroken over and over. I felt unworthy and like I would never have the commitment that I so desperately desired. I felt pathetic and even more disheartened as I watched friend after friend announce their engagements on Facebook. I was happy for them but sad for myself. I had no idea how "to do" a relationship, but I eventually realized, if they could get it right, so could I. I made it my goal to learn how to understand and relate to men in ways that inspired them to want to commit to me.

I figured it out....and now I am here to coach you to do the same.

You and I both know that you are capable of attracting the man of your dreams. A man who will provide for you, protect you, and cherish you for eternity. You can do it and I am here to guide you along this pathway. So get ready to be taken on a journey that will help you uncover the secrets that will get you the exact relationship you want.

Are you ready to learn the steps that will make any man fall deeply in love with you?

My job is to show you how.
Together we will accomplish the following:


– Increase your confidence by learning to reset your mind so that you can attract your ideal man. – Get clear on your vision for love so that you always know the next best step to take. – Design a blueprint for your love life so that you can know exactly what you need to do get the relationship you want.


– We will work together to figure out what a healthy relationship looks like. – We will determine how you have been playing the victim and how that has kept you small in love. – We will talk about what your energy is and how your energy has attracted the type of men you have attracted in the past.


– We will work together to get you out to the places the type of men you want hang out or have more success online. – You will be given real life exercises to help you practice your feminine nature and get real time feedback on how to improve. – Transform your mindset from one of tactics, and strategies to fully embracing femininity in a way that feels authentic

This is done through my step by step 8 week program:

This 8 week program implements the following 5 steps to help you attract the high caliber man of your dreams:

1. Taking Accountability and Removing the Ego
2. The Power of Femininity and Masculinity in Relationships
3. Getting Unstuck: Removing the Blocks
4. Femininity: Your Superpower
5. The Power and Benefit of Roster Dating

What You’ll Get:

  • Weekly Video sessions with me.
  • An in-depth 45-page workbook that will help you to connect with and dig deeper into the concepts I will be teaching you.
  • Complete access to me in between sessions via Fb messenger, in case you have an emergency or just need to chat.
  • Free access to any program I may release during our time together.

Are you wondering if this 8 week program is right for you?


  • Ready to invest the time, energy, and financial resources needed to see major transformation in your life.
  • Ready to STOP attracting toxic, commitment phobic men.
  • Want to think, act, and feel like a goddess who easily attracts quality men.
  • Want to see a HUGE positive change in your self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Coachable and willing to do the work that is needed to transform your life.
  • Someone who is sick and tired of failed relationship after failed relationship.
  • Ready to stop playing the victim and get the deep commitment you desire from a man.
  • Ready to drop the defense mechanisms that are keeping you guarded and single.
  • Want to learn how to stop compromising yourself just to have any type of affection.
  • Want to learn exactly how to effortlessly magnetize quality men.
  • Tune into your femininity in a way that inspires men to step up.
  • Ready to be adored and cherished for the phenomenal woman you are


  • Not ready to invest the time, energy, and financial resources to see major transformation in your life.
  • Not ready to stop complaining and making excuses.
  • Not coachable and willing to do what needs to be done.
  • Not willing to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Ok with having the same sad love story year after year.
  • Ok with being a placeholder in a man’s life.
  • Skeptical and believe that you can’t get the commitment you desire.
  • Not committed to start NOW.

There are limited spots available.


About Me

Hi gorgeous! I’m Angela. I am a femininity coach for modern women, an Amazon best selling author, and blogger.
I used to be where many of you may be. Repeating bad mistake after bad mistake with men. I was an independent woman who felt complete with just earning money and taking care of myself but deep down I knew that I wanted and needed love. I tried to make it work by forcing situations and pursuing men. But once I began to learn the power of femininity and leaning back I started to realize my superpower with men and my love life changed. I have the love that I desire and it is amazing and effortless.

The bottom line is you can also have the love life that you desire as well. It’s up to you.

You can have the commitment you want but you have got to do the work. I will show you so that you do not have to waste the years I wasted heartbroken.

Let me guide you step by step.

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