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A Glimpse of The Things You Will Learn:

January-Gaining Clarity on Femininity
-What exactly is femininity and why you should care.
-How to transition into your authentic feminine essence.

February-Feminine Mystique
-How feminine mystique keeps men intrigued.
-How to reveal the deeper parts of yourself in layers to build attraction.

March-The Art of ‘Just Being’
-How doing less will get you more from men.
-Why just being your authentic self will inspire men to come closer to you.

April-The Power of Vulnerability
-The power of trusting yourself and how it creates trust in your relationships.
-How boundaries and standards are the only “protection” your heart needs.
-Vulnerability is the road to creating attraction.

May-Feminism vs. Femininity
-How modern femininism has robbed women of a precious gift
-Learn to recognize the harmful mindsets that keep you stuck

June-Feminine Dress
-How to dress in a way that expresses your true personality but mandates respect from men
-Dress in ways that inspire men to respect you and adore you

July-Letting Go of Control
-You can only control yourself and learning this changes everything
-How allowing a man to lead will give you the best relationship dynamic
-Learn why trying to control men will always backfire on you

August-Speaking from Your Heart
-You will learn how to use certain phrases that will connect to a man’s heart
-This stops conflict dead in it tracks.

September-Reciprocity: The Key to Connection
-Reciprocity will inspire men to give more and learn why.
-This is counterintuitive to all you have learned about men but how it works like a charm.
-How this keeps men guessing on whether or not you are interested in THEM and wanting to prove themselves.

October-Letting Go of Your Ego
-Why the ego is not meant for relationship and learn how to overcome it
-Bridging the ego in alignment with a loving relationship

November-Masculine Respect
-Respect is everything to a masculine man and how to show you respect him in a way that captivates his heart
-How respecting a man looks different to him and how this might cause confusion and how to avoid this common error

December-Letting Go of the Doormat Mentality
-How to speak up for yourself in a way that builds connection
-Learn why men never take doormats seriously and how you can avoid this

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This video will answer why 'The Feminine Lounge' is the best investment you can make for yourself in 2018.

This membership will teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about what it means to be feminine. Femininity is more than a few strategies and tactics, it is a lifestyle change.

Enroll for only $33/month
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Angela S.

Author, Blogger, Femininity Coach

I teach about femininity as a super power (not like the weakness it is often thought to be) that transforms a woman into a goddess that has her pick of the highest caliber of men. Men who provide, protect, and adore. I show women how to be a high value woman who embraces her womanhood. When you embrace all the things about being a woman, a feminine woman, you will find men cherish and adore you that much more.

My Amazon bestselling book, 21 Days to Feminine Magnetism:Your Guide to Getting #Wifedup, is a book I wrote from a healed place of misused masculinity in my own life. I used to believe that being in my masculine energy was a way to express my “freedom” as a woman but then I realized that it kept me back because it always felt like so much “work”.
It also upset my love life. I found I was always in a battle with the men in my life to be the man of the relationship. And they would always crash and burn because this is not how relationships flourish. Once, I stopped and stepped into my feminine essence, life became easier and more relaxed and my love life became the easiest part of all.

This is not how we women exert our power on the Earth. It is time we stopped running from our super power and finally become the powerhouse God created us to be.
If you are ready join me as I teach you how to rediscover the superpower you were born with then sign up now for this membership.

Enroll for only $33/month
You may cancel at anytime.

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