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A Glimpse of The Things You Will Learn:

January-The Feminine Space 

-Incorporate feminine energy into your home, office, or other environment.

-Realize how surrounding yourself with positive feminine energy on a regular basis will uplift your vibe and connect you deeper with any man.

-Activate your space so that you can train yourself to feel in tune with your natural feminine essence regularly.

February- Feminine Silence 

-Feminine silence will connect you deeper to your heart.

-Learn the right situations to use feminine silence and when to speak up.

-How to tap into your power through stillness and intuition.

-Learn what boundaries are and why they matter in dating and life.

-How boundaries will keep you from being a doormat.

April-Wife Duties 
-Look deeper into what is meant by “wife duties.”

-Discern between wife duties and proper reciprocation.

-How doing wife duties prematurely can be detrimental to any blossoming relationship with a man.

May-The Power of Forgiveness 
-Learn why forgiveness is an expression of feminine energy.

-Release the power that forgiveness has in changing all your relationship dynamics.

-Learn how forgiveness will open the door for the exact relationship you desire.

June-The Joy of Compassion 
-Being more compassionate will not only increase intimacy with men but will help you attract so many more positive experiences.

-Compassion must also be shown towards yourself in the form of self-love to  grow deeper into your feminine essence

-Compassion will teach you  how to tune deeper into your heart.

July-Standards vs. Fake Standards 
-Learn exactly what standards are and why they are important.

-Learn why fake standards are different from real standards.

-Learn how fake standards will keep you stuck in love.

August-The Art of Seduction 
-Learn what seduction is and why it should add to your feminine mystique not take away from it.

-Learn how to properly use seduction to get a man to literally beg you for more.

-Learn seduction techniques that surpass sex and flirting.

September-Initiating with Men 
-Learn if it’s ever okay to initiate with a man.

-Learn which kind of initiations may be okay and at what stage.

-Discern how to handle the requests of men who ask you to initiate more.

October-Roster Worthy 
-Learn what is a roster and why it is important.

-Become aware of the common characteristics of roster members that you should pay attention to.

-When you should give up your roster and how.

November-Feminine Expression Towards Other Women
-Importance of spending time with like minded women.

-Why you need to “be feminine” more so with women than you do men in order to really grow in your feminine journey.

December-Body Image 
-The importance of health and fitness in dating.

-Learn why how you care for your body affect the type of men you attract.

-Understand male psychology when it comes to choosing a mate and why your appearance is the #1 consideration.

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