Email Coaching

Email coaching is an option for women who want to work with me but do not want to go through  or cannot afford the 8 week program. You can get questions answered that pertain to your particular situations.


  • Another option to 1-1 coaching. 
  • Learn how you can apply certain concepts in your current situation. 
  • Helps you develop goals for your particular situation. 
  • Gives detailed answers to questions regarding application of techniques within the book or other content.
  • Respond within 24-48 hours unless it is the weekend or a U.S. Holiday. 
  • You can email during your timeframe as you see fit. For when you have a question, concern or a need a quick boost of support at your convenience. 
  • Choose from a few options. 
  • Brainstorming about your situation to help you come to solutions that will best fit your personality and circumstances. 


  • Purchase the package of your choosing. 
  • Once, I receive your payment you will receive a welcome email with instructions for how the program will work. 
  • Send unlimited emails during that time. Please wait for my response to your previous email before sending another email.


Email Coaching Packages