This book will show you how to tune into your natural feminine allure and magnetize commitment minded men effortlessly.
About the Book

21 Days to Feminine Magnetism is a book created to help you discover how shifting your energy and mindset is the key to attracting the man of your dreams. Each day you will do inner work that will help you get closer to your happily ever after. This workbook is an inspiring 21 day journey that will show you how feminine magnetism will get you #wifedup.

Angela challenges you with her “wifed up assessments” and exercises to dig deeper into your old energetic programming and change your beliefs so that you may attract the type of man you truly deserve. You probably have never understood how powerful you are in your feminine energy but this book will help you to use that power to your advantage.

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About the Author

Angela S. Holcomb, graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Psychology and a degree in Business Entrepreneurship. She is an author, creator of the blog, Wifed Up Coach, and a femininity coach. She has created a fast growing movement of marriage minded women on Facebook called ‘Wifed Up Movement’.

Her first book, “21 Days to Feminine Magnetism: Your Guide to Getting #Wifedup” was #1 on Amazon’s List of Hot New Releases a week after release.

Angela discovered her calling for all things men, dating, love and femininity completely on accident. After many failed relationships, she decided to use her psychology background to study why some women have all the luck with men and other women like herself had one failed relationship after another. Once, she discovered the secrets..everything changed for the better. Now she is on a mission to share her knowledge with women all over the world so that they can get #wifedup!

When Angela isn’t spending an insane amount of time studying men and coaching clients she can be found on her next travel adventure.


Have a look at the topics that are covered in the book.

DAY I - Your Polar Opposite 1

DAY 2 - Trust Your Heart 9

DAY 3 - Feminine Mystique 16

DAY 4 - F Your Past 23

DAY 5 - Now Lean Back 33

DAY 6 - Stop Doing the Most 39

DAY 7 - Masculine Respect 46

DAY 8 - Receive, Reciprocate, Repeat 52

DAY 9 - Femininity is the Juice 59

DAY 10 - He's Already Been Raised 64

DAY 11- Your Ego Will Keep You Single 70

DAY 12 - No Doormat Zone79

DAY 13 - Here's How to Get Him To Do What You Want 84

DAY 14- You Are Worthy 92

DAY 15 - Vulnerability is the Secret Sauce 100

DAY 16 - Build A Roster 109

DAY 17- Affirming Your Femininity 117

DAY 18 - Owning Your Shit 124

DAY 19 - Vision or Perish 133

DAY 20 - Blockedtttt 141

DAY 21 - Needy Ain't Cute 148

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